Torre Galli

On the via di Scandicci, right on the border of Florence and behind the hospital complex lies this building dominated by its ancient tower.

The house was originally the base of the powerful Nerli family whose possessions extended from Soffiano to Settimo. In 1500 the building was converted into a villa but its tower was preserved, which still confers a medieval aspect. In 1603 it was inherited by Flamminio Ottieri of Siena from his mother's side, Fiammetta dei Nerli who had obtained it in her dowry. Twenty years later it was purchased by Matteo Lorenzo Galli. In the second half of the 19th century it passed to Gentile Farinola.

The villa was successively enriched with paintings, staircases with handrails in wrought iron, salons with richly decorated ceilings and fireplaces.

A wonderful house, as Lensi Orlandi describes it, "to live like nobles". Unfortunately work done on the building in the previous century did not return the old building to its original aspect as was the intention of the owners. In its long history it also served as lodging for occupying forces during the second World War.

Converted into a farmhouse, it is now in a state of complete abandon.

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