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Choir Viri Galilaei: photo Berlincioni

Viri Galilaei was formed in 1985 by the actual director, Enzo Ventroni, as part of an important initiative led by Franciscan friar Father Galileo Babbini. Educational in nature, this initiative provides individual support for youth and families. From among the people who gravitate around this initiative came the initial members of the choir who, under the guidance based on the director's previous experience, began to concentrate on Gregorian Chant as a cultural and religious patrimony to be explored and cultivated above all in its liturgical context.

Gregorian Chant, which has its roots in primitive forms of religious expression of Christianity, is the official chant of the Catholic Liturgy which has passed down through the centuries. The 20th Century and in particular the years following the Second Vatican Council have witnessed an important revival of interest in Gregorian Chant within the Christian Community. Largely responsible for this are the Benedictine monks of Solesmes (France) who, since the 18th Century, have significantly contributed to critical research on the chants' origins.

The 20 members of "Viri Galilaei" (which takes its name from the beginning of the Introit of the Ascension Mass) initially dedicated their attentions to Liturgical Services. To this day they accompany the Sunday Evening Mass in the Basilica of San Salvatore al Monte in Florence. In addition, the choir is frequently invited to sing for special Liturgical celebrations in many important churches, like the Cathedrals of Florence and Fiesole, the Basilicas of San Miniato al Monte and Santa Trinita. On 1 November 1993 and 30 October 1994, Masses in the Church of San Salvatore in Ognissanti and in the basilica of Santa Croce respectively, were broadcasted by Italian television networks. The latter of these Masses was in honour of the 750th anniversary of the founding of the basilica.

Concert Activity:

In January, 1993, the choir held its first concert in the Basilica of San Miniato al Monte (Florence), in honour of the inauguration of the inter-religious Cultural Centre "Genesis". On 9, June 1993 it held a concert in the Church of Santa Maria de' Ricci (Florence), during the concert season organised by, performing chants from the Proprio of the Lenten and Easter periods.


Fact sheet

Associazione Corale di canto gregoriano "Viri Galilæi"
c/o Enzo Ventroni Via Squarcialupi, 8
50144 Firenze
Tel +39-55-331268 oppure +39-55-8071246
Fax 39 55 218839
Repertorio: liturgia gregoriana
Presidente e direttore dr. Enzo Ventroni
Vicedirettore : dr. Letizia Putignano
Consiglio Direttivo : dr. Alessandro Guidi. dr. Letizia Putignano, dr. Enzo Ventroni.
Voci soliste : Letizia Putignano, Enzo Ventroni.

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